BM1 Flashlight Bike Mount


(151 customer reviews)
  • 360-degree Rotatable
  • Quick Lock & Unlock Screw
  • Quality Thermoplastic Rubber Grip


BM1 is a 360°Rotatable Flashlight Bike Mount. It’s compact and lightweight, and can fit any handlebar with a diameter of 22.0 – 25.6 mm, and flashlight with a body diameter of 23 – 28 mm.

  • Compatible Handlebar: Dia. of 22.0 – 25.6 mm (0.87 – 1.00 in)
  • Compatible Flahslight: Body Dia. of 23 – 28 mm (0.90 – 1.10 in)
  • Compatible NEXTORCHTM Models: T6A, T6A LED SET, T6L R5 SET, GT6A Series, myTorch 18650, myTorch 3AAA, myTorch RC 18650, myTorch RC 3AAA, myTorch XL, TA3, TA3 SET, P8A and more

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews

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