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FR-1 Tactical Flashlight Ring


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  • Innovative Ring / Clip Design
  • Compatible with Flashlight Body Diameter of 23.2 – 25.5 mm
  • Free Your Hands for Other Tasks
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FR-1 is a flashlight ring with practical new designs. It is especially for flashlights with a body diameter of 23.2 – 25.5 mm and a tail cap switch, like NEXTORCH TA30. Its innovative clip design allows you to keep your flashlight in pockets firmly and to draw it out quicker. In many application scenarios, it can free your hands for other important tasks. FR-1 is available in 3 colors. 

  • Compatibility: Flashlight with a Body Diameter of 23.2 – 25.5 mm & a Tail Cap Switch
  • Compatible NEXTORCH Models: TA30

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews

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