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New! P8 High Output Cylindrical Flashlight

P8 is a compact, powerful and cost-performance flashlight. It outputs up to 1300 lm, and has and a max runtime of 60 h, all in a 140×24×28 mm small size. Its main material, aerospace aluminum alloy, gives you a premium look and feel. You can accurately turn on its One-Step Strobe mode or constant-on modes with its 2 × side switches even under stressful environments. Its 3 super-hard ceramic strike tips can help you break windows fast. With 4 battery indicators, you can tell its battery status conveniently. Twisting the light head counterclockwise, a hidden Type-C charging port will be revealed.

New! C STAR Innovative Multifunction Light

Modern lights are not for lighting only. More and more innovations are coming up, making them more interesting and practical. Our NEX designers are also part of this innovative force, extending the definition of light with new NEXTORCH products. C STAR Innovative Multifunction Light is the latest effort by us NEXTORCH. It brings you a new wearing experience for lights. It can be worn as a neck light, with light shining below the eyes. You can now move freely without worrying about dazzling others in nighttime gathering outdoors or read books with its wide, soft, and uniform light. C STAR can [...]

New! V51 Tactical Quicker Draw Flashlight Holder & V61 Compatible Qucker Draw Flashlight Holder

In the world of tactics, speed is everything. During an emergency, getting your tool in position fast may mean life & death of others and even your own. NEXTORCH V51 Tactical Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder and V61 Compatible Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder are here to help you with just that.  V51 is an upgrade from the classic V5, and allows you to draw your flashlight quicker. Outside of emergencies, its 360° swivel flashlight holder and hold your flashlight for you with 16 locking angles. You can even detach the V51's flashlight holder from its belt clamp.   V61 is an upgrade from V6. V61 works [...]

New! NEX 19″ Flashlight Duty Baton

The work of the police is complicated & challenging. Law enforcement agents often need to respond to hostility in their daily duty, patrol, and at the checkpoint. Therefore, front-line police need to wear lightweight & versatile equipment on duty. Reliable and practical equipment guarantees the safety of law enforcement agents.  NEXTORCH introduced the concept of flashlight duty to the market. It combines two common duty gears into one, tactical flashlight & duty baton. The NEX 19″ Flashlight Duty Baton gives you tactical lighting, a close defense tool, and a fast window breaker all in one hand, to help you handle your [...]

New! NEX 15″ Flashlight Baton, Your Personal Guard!

A good personal guard can protect you at night time. A good personal guard goes anywhere with you. A good personal guard looks low-key and professional. A good personal guard is NEX 15″ Flashlight Baton, which meets all the above standards. NEX 15″ Flashlight Baton is a combination of NEXTORCH flashlight & NEX Lock baton. You can turn on the flashlight with its rotary head. Thanks to its main material, 7075 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy, and expandable design, you can carry this gorgeous piece concealably anywhere you go. It's your next-gen self-defense tool!

New! V31 Tactical Quick-Draw Flashlight Holder. How fast is too fast?

How fast is too fast? In a combat environment, an emergency can happen anytime anywhere. Good training & gears can help use response quicker. Great gear can help us achieve speed that is simply not possible through training only. Only the right person with the right tool can get the job done.  The concept of NEXTORCH TA30 comes from the real combat experience of law enforcement agents. Its unique One-Step-Strobe button ensures accurate light mode control in a low light combat environment. Response quicker; strike first and get the situation under control.  To help TA30 work with guns better, faster [...]

Great News for Cat Lovers, Dr.K3 UV Wood’s Lamp Penlight is Out Now

For pet owners, petting your cat after work is probably your most enjoyable daily routine. Running your hand on a cat's fur and skin is such a sweet & satisfying experience. It will simply fill you with pure joy.  Image from Giphy However, cat ringworm, the most common cat skin disease, may come and trouble our beloved companion from time to time. When infected, cats will have excessive grooming & scratching, hair loss, and be uncomfortable and sad. We will also lose the joy of petting them.    Although cat ringworm will not threaten a cat's life, it is hard [...]

myStar Focusing Headlamp with Dual Power Resources is Newly Launched!!

If you mention NEXTORCH headlamp, absolutely myStar is the most classic one that you can’t forget, with the excellent design of patented 360° focusing lighting technology, max 60° up-and-down lighting, Y-type partial pressure headband and one button for 4-mode switch. What a practical and ergonomic headlamp!     But of course, sometimes you may think it should be more convenient if it can also use the easy-to-get power source like Eco Star and Trek Star do, for some long-playing activities, rechargeable power maybe economical but not timely and insufficient. And this time we have launched a more practical headlamp integrated with [...]