The first new portable-baton genuine-leather holster V68 comes out!!

V68 is specially designed for the close-fitting and stable carry of NEX portable baton series, able to help extend the baton quickly for the first strike in emergency to get the initiative. Its ingenious design integrates two oblique and vertical wearing ways into one, to meet both needs of hidden carry and easy extension. You may choose the carry way that fits you better according to your habit of applying force. 

For both effective protection and comfortable wearing, the cover of V68 is made of the selected genuine leather material. The soft suede with the raised nap inside closely fits your baton, able to protect it from scratches, abrasions and dropping down easily and ensure long-time comfortable wearing. It is simple in the appearance, but not simple at all in workmanship. The well-knit thread, neat stitches and rounded corners totally indicate its exquisite craft and high-quality texture, quite solid and durable. With the light weight of only 55 grams and so many good features, don’t you think that V68 is really a wonderful holster for your baton? Then don’t hesitate to learn more details about it right now!! 


Btw, have you found out that our NEX portable baton series WALKER has added a new version? That’s is our N16 Steel, a whole new steel version with great textures, more sturdy and powerful.


About V68:

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About N16 Steel:

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