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14″ NEX 2-Sections Expandable Baton N14 Wal


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  • 14″, 2-Sections, 5.53 oz Only
  • Smooth to Open & Close
  • Window-Breaking Tip


NEX N14 Wal is a 2-sections expandable baton, with the slimmest body from the NEX Walker series. On the outside, it has a pen-like stylish look. Inside, it’s made of aerospace aluminum alloy and enhanced alloy steel, making it both portable & powerful. You can clip it to your belt, backpack, or even pocket. N14 Wal is your go-anywhere baton!

  • Material:Alloy Steel + Aerospace Aluminum Alloy
  • Dimensions:8.66″
  • Weight:≤ 5.33 oz (150±10 g)
  • Impact Resistance:2 m

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Weight 150 g