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15″ NEX Flashlight Baton (Walker) N15L Wal

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  • Flashlight & Baton 2-in-1
  • NEX Lock Inside
  • 15″, Concealable


NEX 15″ Flashlight Baton is a combination of NEXTORCH flashlight & NEX Lock baton. It’s a low-key, robust, and multifunctional next-gen personal defense tool. Built with quality 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy, it’s lightweight. The baton is expandable, and can be carried concealably. Powered by 1×AA battery, it can shine a light up to 100 lumens, and has a strobe mode. With our patented NEX Lock design, it’s 2-m impact-resistant and 2-m submersible (rated IPX8). Its super-hard ceramic strike tip can help you break windows fast, and its removable clip allows you to carry it in lots of ways.

  • Output: 100 lm / strobe
  • Runtime: 1 h 15 min / –
  • Battery: 1×AA Battery (Provided)
  • Distance: 60 m / –
  • Material: Alloy Steel & Aerospace Aluminum Alloy
  • Length: 378±2 mm (Expanded); 235±1.5 mm (Retracted)
  • Weight: 202 g (without battery)
  • Drop Resistance: 2 m
  • Water Resistance: IPX8, 2 m Submersible

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews

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