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23″ NEX Quicker Duty Baton N23C (Air)


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  • 23″, 13.4 oz
  • NEX Lock inside
  • 2 m Impact Resistant

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NEX QUICKER Expandable Duty Baton applies the self-developed NEXLOCK locking structure, stable and reliable, 2 meter impact resistant; open and close smoothly without big wobble, easy to handle; alloy steel and aerospace aluminum as main materials, compact, light-weight and portable; selectable window-breaking tip for breaking windows quickly to gain the initiative in emergency.

  • Material:Alloy Steel + Aerospace Aluminum; TPE Rubber
  • Diameter:9.80″/ 23″(Retracted/Extended); Φ28 mm ± 1 mm (Handle Dia.)
  • Weight:≤ 13.4 oz (380 g)
  • Impact Resistance:2 m

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