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FT32 Flashlight Filter Kit


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  • Hunters’ Favorite Combo
  • Red, Green, Blue Color Lens
  • High Transmissivity
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FT32 Flashlight Filter Kit has a filter holder, and 3 replaceable lenses in red, green & blue. It’s designed for TA40, TA3, T6A, T5, PA5 flashlights, especially when hunting. Men are more sensitive to green light than most animals. Lots of animals see red poorly. Blue light can help you track wounded animals (blood) easier.  

  • Output Wavelengths: 700 nm (Red), 550 nm (Green) & 470 nm (Blue)
  • Compatible NEXTORCH Models: T6A, T6, TA3, T6A LED SET, T6L R5 SET, GT6A-S, GT6A-R, GT6A-L, GT6A-RL, RT3, RT7, P8A and more

Customer Reviews

Based on 280 reviews

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