TaoTool KT5509

TaoTool KT5509


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Material: Sandvik 12C27

Coating: Teflon

Open Length: 110.6 mm

Closed length: 68 mm

Weight: 32 g

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TaoTool is designed to safely and easily open things. It can cut thicker package without worrying damaging the products inside. It can be used as a rope cutter and folding knife when you need any support. The key-sized multi-tool that easily attaches to an existing key ring, fits great in a pocket and easy to keep anywhere.


•Open any package fast as a Zipper

•Cut thicker package without worrying damaging the products inside

•Non-stick Teflon coating, keep the blade clean after cutting the tapes

•Sweden Sandvik steel make cutting edge sharp longer

Blade Material: SandVik® 12C27

Handle Material: 2Cr13

Weight: 16.1 g /0.57 oz

Coating: Teflon

Color: Titanium Gray

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