Tiny Sting KT5008B


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Material: 3Cr13

Coating: Satin Finish

Functions: Bottle opener, Screwdrivers, Wrenches

Dimensions: 73×50×3 mm

Weight: 27 g

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We’ve all faced stinging words before, no sting no status, hey?

A man’s got to keep a little spit between his teeth.

But, teacher, to me, to much sting just hurts,

so what about a tiny sting for a change?

We aren’t the ones to start a fight, but when a fight starts, it’s the time to teach’em a lesson!


• Humorous style makes you laugh, brings a unique taste;

• Colorful your life, just hang on your key ring or backpack;

• Versatile gadget, one way to solve 5 problems


Coating:Satin finish

Functions:Bottle opener,Screwdrivers,Wrenches



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