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WL11 High-Output Tactical Light


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650Lm high output,130m beam distance
Compatible with 1913 picatinny and GlK rails
Power by 1 X 16340 rechargeable battery
IPX7 waterproof,1m impact resistant
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WL11 is a compact and lightweight tactical light, delivering a 650 lumen max output and 130m beam distance.It can power by an rechargeable 16340 battery or 1 x cr123a battery.With the inovative rail system,you can install & remove Wl11 singel-handedly. It’s compatible with 1913 picatinny and GlK rails.It use an ratary switch,which allows you to access constant-on, momentary-on with any of your hands.Made of anolized aerospace aluminum alloy,it is tough & has an impact resistance of up to 1m. Rated IPX7 waterproof.


  • LED:LED / Laser transmitter
  • Output:650 lm
  • Runtime:1h 30min
  • Battery:1 x 16340 or 1 x CR123a
  • Distance:130 m 
  • Material:Aerospace Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Finish:Hard Anodized
  • Diameter:76 mm (length) x 33 mm (width) x 33 mm (height)
  • Weight:76g (Without Battery)
  • Impact Resistance:1 m
  • Water Resistance:IPX4
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    SL6 Silicone Grease

    • Lubrication with Electrical Insulation
    • Preferred Lubricant for "O" Ring and Threads
    • High Temperature Tolerant
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Nextorch WL11 review
2021-09-27 16:32:37
1. The rail locking mount is an excellent. After approximately 500 (9mm on Staccato 2011, metal rail), there was no loosening of the WL11 locking screw. Additionally, I shot over 350 rounds of .45 ACP from a Kimber 1911 RL and found no loosening there either. 2. Forward battery loading. Not only does front loading make the battery changes easier, I find that the metal body design of the WL11 will put less wear-and-tear on polymer frame rails. When you don't have to constantly remove the light each time to change the battery that will reduce a lot of wear on the polymer. 3. The toggle switch design is simple but reliable. I find that its just long enough horizontally to easily find quickly but not too big that it can get hung up on a holster or clothing. The length toward the trigger guard is good because it does not get in the way of the trigger finger. Some lights make the toggle too close to the opening of the trigger guard and in a stressful situation (especially with gloves on) the trigger finger hits the toggle when entering the trigger guard. The opposing momentary/constant directional feature took about 5 minutes to get use to, but with practice it came natural. I was not sure I liked that design at first, but after I tried it out for awhile I found that it is a superb design versus adding another on/off feature. Simple, is always better! Your engineers did good! 4. All aluminum body is good for handling the higher lumens over constant use. It did not seem to have any noticeable weight effects in my hand during long K9 searches. Professionals understand how a small weight increase in a piece of equipment can cause a lot of fatigue over extended periods. 5. Size and compatibility with other current light/holster combinations. The biggest problems with new lights is the availability of a pistol/light/holster combination. The WL11 fits in any holster designed for the current "famous" light companies (ie Surefire x300s, Streamlight TLRs, etc). This makes the WL11 a very competitive tactical mount light. 6. The rechargeable lithium battery. CR123 lithium batteries are expensive. The rechargeable is a great feature and added bonus for the WL11. As a professional, I always carry a spare set of CR123 lithium in the field on my tac vest. With the WL11 and your rechargeable battery, I can run your rechargeable and if it runs out in the field, the dual-fuel compatibility makes your rechargeable battery an excellent feature! 7. Ruggedness (drop & recoil test). After all the recoil with live fire I dropped the light from 6 feet onto concrete and it still functions. I did not drop test while it was mounted on a real gun. I will do it later with a blue gun replica (same weight). I will do that last, because I want to see how much more field testing I can do with the WL11 before the final drop/durability test.
Right size
2021-08-19 10:44:43
It's exactly fit on my handgun. I think I will try your WL60 Next time( I'd received your introduction, thanks)
perfect for home defense
2021-08-19 10:30:59
I use it on my pistol. very good product. I love it and strongly recommend it.

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